Scar Revision

Your scar may not have healed well as the result of a number of factors. Some of these include infection, too much pull or tension on the wound, no scar management, the location of the scar, and/or your particular skin type. Scar revision surgery can help minimize the appearance of the scar.


Scar revision is done under local freezing while you are awake. You will have a light dressing with ointment applied. You can eat and drink before the surgery. The sutures are non-dissolving and non-removable and need to be taken out after 5-6 days if in the face, and after 7-10 if in any other area.


Unless you have had hand surgery, you can drive after the scar revision surgery. You can shower 48 hours after surgery. Wound care is simply washing the incision and then applying ointment and a light dressing every 1 or 2 days.

Normally you do not need to take any time off work with scar revision surgery, unless your incision is in an area that can become come soiled while working or bothered by the job (i.e. hand surgery).

You need to avoid activities that may increase your blood pressure for a minimum of 48 hours after surgery, but ideally 1-2 weeks after to allow optimal scar results. At 2 weeks after surgery, you will begin massaging and paper taping of the scar to help keep it controlled. If you are prone to hypertrophic or keloid scarring, injecting a small amount of steroid may be considered at that time.


As in any surgery, risks include infection, delayed wound healing, bruising or bleeding, and scar recurrence. Complications in this procedure are relatively uncommon but will be discussed further at the time of consultation. The scars take up to 1 year to completely mature. A change in the color can be potentially addressed by laser therapy at a later date.