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three women laughing in white tank tops and blue jeans
three women laughing in white tank tops and blue jeans

Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift Surgery in New Westminster, BC | MacDonald Plastic Surgery

With increased weight, pregnancy, and aging, the lateral (outside) and medial (inside) thighs can become uneven and fuller.

The outer thighs tend to hold fatty deposits in tight fibrous pockets, also known as cellulite, which creates an uneven and bumpy appearance. The inner thighs have very soft and stretchy skin that tends to pouch out with any extra fat.

Even weight loss and exercise can do little to change the appearance of cellulite, fat pockets, and sagging skin. A thigh lift can smooth and contour this troublesome area.

Dr. Jeannie MacDonald always pairs a thigh lift with liposuction to help smooth out and better contour the area. The outer thigh lift involves an incision just above the hip to help pull and tighten the skin. The inner thigh lift requires a well-hidden incision in the inner groin fold.

Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight may need to have a thigh lift that involves an incision running along the thigh toward the knee on the inner aspect of the leg.

Restore the appearance of your legs with a thigh lift in Vancouver! Contact MacDonald Plastic Surgery at (604) 288-8517 or complete our online form to schedule your consultation today! At our office in New Westminster, we welcome plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery patients in the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area.

Your Consultation

You might consider a thigh lift if weight loss and exercise have not improved the appearance of your thighs or if you have significant loose skin due to weight loss. The procedure can help smooth out pockets of uneven fatty tissue on the outsides of your thighs and tighten and decrease loose fatty tissues around your thigh and on the insides of your thighs.

Your first step will be to have a detailed consultation with Dr. MacDonald where she will listen to your goals and concerns and complete a careful examination. Then, she will discuss the treatment options that best address your concerns and particular situation.

Dr. MacDonald and her staff will:

  • Give you detailed information about the surgery and what you can expect before, during, and after the procedure
  • Discuss any concerns or questions that you may have
  • Explain potential risks of the procedure

What Can I Expect During Thigh Lift Surgery and Recovery?

Thigh lift surgery is an outpatient surgery, meaning you will go home the same day. It requires a general anesthetic, so we have you complete a pre-operative questionnaire to ensure you are ready for surgery. We’ll give you instructions on what time to arrive and remind you not to eat or drink anything the night before surgery. The surgery takes approximately two hours, and you will need to stay in the recovery room for approximately three hours, so plan to spend the day at the hospital. Dr. MacDonald will give you a prescription for pain medication before leaving the hospital.

You will need someone to drive you home from the hospital and stay with you for the first 24 hours. Dr. MacDonald will see you five to seven days after surgery for a follow-up to assess your progress. You can shower 48 hours after surgery. All the stitches are dissolvable, and incision care only requires ointment and gauze. You will have a wrap or binder on from the day of surgery, which you should wear full-time until you have fully healed, in approximately two to four weeks.

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Vancouver Thigh Lift Surgery FAQs

The cost of a thigh lift in Vancouver depends on your unique needs and the method required to achieve your desired results. Following your consultation, Dr. MacDonald’s assistant will provide a detailed breakdown of your thigh lift cost in Vancouver.            

A thigh lift helps reshape and improve the contours of the inner and outer thighs by lifting and tightening the skin and reducing excess fat in the area.

With healthy lifestyle choices, including maintaining your healthy weight through diet and exercise, you may experience optimal results from your thigh lift procedure for several years. As aging skin begins to sag due to naturally decreasing collagen and elastin production, you may experience sagging in the thigh region as your skin continues to age.

Dr. MacDonald encourages thigh lift surgery patients to begin slowly walking as soon as they feel up to it. However, following your thigh lift, avoid any strenuous activities and exercises that raise your heart rate for at least 24 to 48 hours. You may gradually increase your activities for the first two to three weeks. Avoid high-impact workouts, such as running, weight training, or cardio exercises, for approximately four to six weeks following your Vancouver thigh lift.

While a thigh lift will improve your skin quality and appearance, you may experience some visible scars. Dr. MacDonald recommends the Scar Kit to her patients to prevent and minimize the appearance of their surgical scars with the help of silicone-gel based products.

A mini thigh lift aims to improve the contours of the legs by addressing the excess sagging skin and fatty tissues from the upper inner thigh only. It’s often a less invasive procedure with a smaller incision and is typically ideal for patients who don’t have a lot of excess skin or fat.

Typically, thigh lift recovery time is approximately four to six weeks; however, individual recovery time will depend on the extent of your surgery, including which areas of the thighs you have treated.

While you can sit following your thigh lift, we don’t recommend long periods of sitting during the first week of recovery. Too much movement may compromise the incisions and cause them to split, so you should limit yourself to bed rest as much as possible for the first week following surgery.

While a thigh lift can reduce fat and excess skin in the inner and outer thighs, you might still have lingering cellulite after this surgery.

A spiral thigh lift surgery is a procedure that targets the front, back, inner, and outer thighs in one procedure. The incision created in a spiral thigh lift is underneath the buttocks, near the groin crease.

Before thigh lift surgery, you should be at a stable, healthy weight for at least six months. After Dr. MacDonald determines your candidacy and you schedule your procedure, take time off work. Some patients can resume daily activities two to three weeks after surgery, while others require three to four weeks of recovery.

Here are other things you can do to prepare for your thigh lift:

  • Stop smoking or vaping four to six weeks before your surgery
  • Discuss current medications, including blood thinners and pain medications, with Dr. MacDonald
  • Continue your healthy diet and exercise routine
  • Maintain a stable weight
  • Avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours before surgery
  • Fill prescriptions for pain medication
  • Coordinate help for managing your household, children, and other responsibilities
  • Arrange for a trusted family member or friend to drive you to and from the procedure
  • Create a comfortable sleeping environment, allowing you to rest in a reclined position
  • Prepare convenient, healthy meals and snacks