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How to Further Enhance Your Appearance With A Breast Augmentation

While considering cosmetic enhancements to enhance your figure, the option for getting a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Jeannie MacDonald in Vancouver, BC, stands out due to its popularity.

Breast augmentation is not limited to visual satisfaction alone. It also helps with your concerns about your appearance that may affect your self-confidence. When a seasoned surgeon performs this cosmetic procedure, any concerns you might have will be resolved professionally and carefully.

To help you learn the benefits and overall function of breast augmentation, here is how you can further enhance your appearance with the procedure. 

What Does A Breast Augmentation Do?

Breast augmentation refers to correcting aesthetic concerns regarding your breasts. These concerns may include the size, shape, and general appearance of your breasts. For instance, if one of your breasts is smaller than the other or both of your breasts have a shape that you do not like, breast augmentation can help revise their appearance.

But that’s not all. Breast augmentation procedures can also help you restore the fullness of your breasts, providing you with supple breasts that look not only good but also feel great. In some cases, breast augmentation with a breast lift can be performed to perk up the appearance of sagging breasts.

Breast Augmentation Performed Through Implants

Getting a breast augmentation in Vancouver, BC, focuses on getting the most pleasing breast implants. These implants are either entirely made of silicone or have a silicone outer shell with a saline (sterile saltwater) filling, which is why they are referred to as silicone implants or saline implants.

During your detailed consultation with Dr. MacDonald, you can go through the process of choosing the type and size of your implants, giving you control over your breasts’ feel, shape, and appearance, enhancing your appearance, and achieving your ideal figure.

The Recovery Process – Easy And Straightforward

Thanks to the advancements in cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is now a routine procedure. The surgery starts with general anesthesia, after which Dr. MacDonald makes incisions in targeted locations on your breasts. The implants are then inserted into your breasts, and the incisions are closed with sutures.

Once you are ready to go home, Dr. MacDonald will guide you through the recovery process. Together with rest and eating healthily, you may also need to use the help of the Scar Kit treatment highly recommended by Dr. MacDonald to take care of your surgical scars. You’ll be able to return to your usual activities once Dr. MacDonald deems you fit to do so.

Contact MacDonald Plastic Surgery For Your Breast Augmentation Today

Before proceeding with your breast augmentation in Vancouver, BC, it is essential that you have a personalized consultation with a seasoned surgeon like Dr. Jeannie MacDonald at MacDonald Plastic Surgery. Not only will Dr. MacDonald guide you through the process, but she’ll also explain what to expect as you prepare for your breast augmentation procedure.

To determine whether the procedure is the right fit for you, contact us at (604) 288-8517 or request a consultation today.