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Can a Facelift Get Rid of Acne Scars?

The worst thing about acne is that it makes you suffer even when it’s gone. If your skin is prone to this condition, you may know what we are talking about. The pimples are annoying per se, but once they finally disappear, they usually leave marks behind.

Many patients come to see Dr. Jeannie MacDonald and ask about treatments to fade away the scars that acne has left. And many of them have questioned whether a facelift has any effect on these scars. 

But Is There Anything Facelift Can Do to Help These Patients?

First, we need to admit that this association makes sense. After all, facelifts are mainly indicated to combat facial signs of aging like wrinkles and expression lines, which can be linked somehow to acne scars. Tightening or stretching the skin can reduce the visibility of acne scars, making patients wonder if facelifts can obtain similar results in the skin depressions caused by acne scars. But this reasoning is a bit more complex as the biology behind wrinkles and scarring tissue is quite different.

While wrinkles are caused by a lack of collagen that comes with the physiological process of aging, the scars left behind by acne are a response to a tiny infection. Sebum (an oily substance that maintains skin’s hydration) and dead skin cells plug the pores, which leads to outbreaks of small, red lesions—the dreaded pimples or zits. As the reasons for wrinkles and acne are different, they will hardly disappear with the same treatments.

Having said so, it is a fact that a facelift does have some effect on acne scars. It will depend mainly on the severity and position of the scars, so it’s hard to determine to what extent this procedure will be successful without examining the skin first. In some cases, this treatment smooths the appearance of superficial acne scarring, but deeper scars frequently adhere to underlying tissue, and a facelift stands no chance against them. 

Alternative Treatments for Acne Scars

We would only recommend facelifts to those patients who are also interested in smoothing wrinkles. Other more appropriate and less invasive treatments are available to minimize acne scarring, so it doesn’t make sense to undergo a surgical procedure when there are more conservative alternatives that can provide better results. Dr. MacDonald usually recommends the following treatments:

  • IPL: Intense-Pulsed Light (IPL) is a non-surgical treatment that releases many different wavelengths of light at your skin to help restore its appearance, targeting many issues, including acne scars.
  • Microneedling: this non-invasive rejuvenation technique uses tiny needles to provoke micro-injuries to the skin, triggering collagen production and skin cell growth.
  • Scar Kit: Dr. MacDonald also offers an at-home scar reduction treatment that smooths the appearance of scar tissue.

Facelifts & Skin Treatments in New Westminster, BC.

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