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Top 5 Liposuction Myths

Who doesn’t dream about a sculpted body figure? The obvious answer to this question reflects how people are becoming incredibly aware of their body image, which is translated into an increasing number of consultations for liposuction. However, although liposuction is becoming trendy, there is still too much misinformation about this procedure. That’s why, at MacDonald Plastic Surgery, we decided to debunk 5 of the most popular myths about one of the most-wanted cosmetic procedures:

#1 – Liposuction Helps You Lose Weight

This is the most common misconception about this treatment. Most people associate liposuction with overweight or obesity, but this is far from being true. This procedure is intended to eliminate stubborn fat pockets from certain areas of your body, but it doesn’t have a deep impact on your overall weight. Ideal candidates for liposuction are usually within a healthy weight range and are just unhappy about specific areas like love handles, lower abdomen, hips, or buttocks.

If you are interested in losing weight, you might need to consider a drastic change of lifestyle or other surgical procedures like gastric bypass.

#2 – I Can Eat Whatever I Want After Liposuction

Unfortunately, this statement is also false. After surgery, you will need to work hard to maintain your slim, post-lipo figure, which implies a lean diet and regular exercise. Although the fat cells suctioned cannot grow back, the remaining cells in the area can expand in size and alter the results obtained. The fat deposits removed can quickly return if you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle.

#3 – Liposuction is Dangerous

Although all surgical procedures carry certain risks, liposuction is considered a safe cosmetic treatment in the hands of an experienced board-certified surgeon. Modern approaches are minimally invasive and have comfortable recoveries. Patients don’t even need to be under general anesthesia in many cases.

#4 – Liposuction Causes Skin Irregularities

If a skillful and meticulous surgeon performs liposuction, your skin will look smooth after the procedure. This result depends on the amount of fat tissue removed and your skin type, but on most occasions, patients are happy with the results.

However, if you aren’t satisfied with the look or texture of your skin after the procedure, you still have options. You can opt for one of the many non-invasive cosmetic procedures to enhance the final results.

#5 – Non-Invasive Procedures are as Effective as Liposuction

While non-invasive treatments achieve optimal results in many cases, they are not the right choice for all patients. These treatments suit patients who want to correct minor defects or minimal cosmetic details. Liposuction is a better alternative if you are looking for a more dramatic transformation. When a certain amount of fat tissue needs to be removed, no non-invasive treatment can replace liposuction.

Interested in Liposuction? Partner with an Expert!

Do you still have some questions that remain unanswered? If so, we invite you to contact our office in New Westminster, BC, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeannie MacDonald. She will listen to your concerns carefully and clear up all your doubts!