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Considering Arm Lift Surgery? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Loose skin and stubborn fat deposits can make you feel self-conscious about your upper arms. Arm lifts are a particularly beneficial solution for healthy patients who have lost significant weight or lost skin elasticity due to aging. An arm lift can help restore firmness and enhance the overall appearance of the upper arms.

At MacDonald Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jeannie MacDonald can help you determine if an arm lift is the right procedure for you. Here are a few things to consider.

What Causes Sagging Arms?

While anyone can have drooping, sagging upper arms, the problem primarily affects women. This condition is the result of a combination of factors, including:

  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • High percentage of body fat
  • Loss of muscle mass due to aging or reduced activity

This area of the body can be difficult to target with weight loss and exercise. Often, losing weight makes loose skin worse. In the same way that no number of crunches can correct burn belly fat, no amount of arm exercises can burn those pockets of stubborn fat or tighten the drooping skin that hangs from the upper arms.

However, sagging arms can be toned with a bit of help. Dr. MacDonald’s adept skills allow her to navigate even the most complex cases and provide arms that are toned and tightened once again.

What is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that uses liposuction to remove excess fat and excises loose skin to restore a firm, toned, youthful appearance to the upper arms.

An arm lift is a day surgery that requires general anesthesia, so you will need to have someone drive you home from your procedure and assist you with tasks you may find difficult for a few days.

Most swelling subsides within the first 4-6 weeks, but you may not see true results for 3-6 months. Arm lift results are long-lasting, providing you don’t lose or gain a lot of weight; however, age and gravity may eventually cause some loss of firmness.

How Does an Arm Lift Help?

Loose skin on your arms isn’t always from significant weight loss. As you age, skin loses collagen and elastin and may become crepey-looking and loose, resulting in bags under your arms.

By reducing the excess sagging skin and fat that extends from the elbow to the underarm, an arm lift can help create a better, more youthful-looking contour.

Can Liposuction Fix the Problem?

Patients often request liposuction to correct their sagging arm skin because it leaves less scarring than an arm lift. However, liposuction alone cannot typically address the problem of sagging arm skin.

Even after removing underlying fat, the excess skin remains. The patients who are best suited for liposuction with their arm lifts are those who have excess skin that is still held relatively tight by the underlying fat.

Choosing Dr. Jeannie MacDonald as Your Arm Lift Provider

Dr. Jeannie MacDonald develops individual treatment plans to ensure natural-looking results, making her one of the best arm lift providers in Vancouver.Contact us today to learn more about partnering with one of Vancouver’s best arm lift providers!