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Sky Bridge over Fraser River
Sky Bridge over Fraser River

Category Archives: Arm Lift

Considering Arm Lift Surgery? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Loose skin and stubborn fat deposits can make you feel self-conscious about your upper arms. Arm lifts are a particularly beneficial solution for healthy patients who have lost significant weight or lost skin elasticity due to aging. An arm lift can help restore firmness and enhance the overall appearance of the upper arms. At MacDonald… Read More

The Best Treatments for Sagging Arms

Sagging, flabby arms can affect anyone; however, due to genetics, the problem more prevalently impacts women. Since you can’t control the body areas where you lose fat, arms with sagging skin need a different approach. Exercise alone will not address the problem of hanging skin, and losing weight can actually make the problem worse. At… Read More

Steps To Recovery From Your Arm Lift Surgery

Also called a brachiaplasty, an arm lift performed by Dr. Jeannie MacDonald at MacDonald Plastic Surgery in Vancouver, BC, removes excess fat and skin from your arm. The surgery helps create a more toned look, restores your arm’s definition, builds your self-confidence, and helps improve your appearance. Whether you have recently had an arm lift or… Read More