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Sky Bridge over Fraser River
Sky Bridge over Fraser River

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Why Winter Is Best for Laser Treatments

As the days get drier and colder, your self-care routine should change in response. You’ll need to apply moisturizer more often to keep your skin supple and avoid the uncomfortable tightness, itchiness, and flakiness of dry winter skin. You’ll also spend more time indoors staying cozy and warm instead of braving the chilly temperatures, giving… Read More

Saggy Neck? Here Are Your Options

No matter how hard you try to prevent or delay aging, everyone starts seeing telltale signs like a saggy neck at some point. Luckily, cosmetic medicine keeps advancing every year, giving you many options to restore your youthful appearance. What Is a Saggy Neck? Over the years, skin loses its youthful resilience and becomes thinner…. Read More