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When Should You Get a Mommy Makeover?

While childbirth is one of the most incredible experiences a woman can undergo, there is no doubt that it creates considerable physical changes. Some of these changes – like excess loose skin and stretched abdominal muscles – rarely respond to rigorous dieting or strenuous exercise. 

Fortunately, body contouring procedures can help restore those changes. But when is the right time to consider a mommy makeover? Dr. Jeannie MacDonald can help you discover the right time for you and help you learn to love your body again!

What Is a Mommy Makeover? 

The term mommy makeover describes any rejuvenation procedures completed simultaneously to enhance your overall figure following pregnancy and breastfeeding. Since being pregnant, delivering a baby, and nursing can cause permanent changes that affect the structure and integrity of tissues, mommy makeover aims to correct these issues with procedures like these. 

Ideally, you should consider a mommy makeover after you have put your childbearing and breastfeeding years behind you to ensure your results’ longevity. However, there’s a little more to determining the right timing for you. 

Give Your Body Time to Heal

Pregnancy and childbirth are the most stressful, challenging things the human body can endure. You may have experienced many physical changes throughout your journey, so be sure to give your body ample time to heal fully. Some women may take a year or more after each pregnancy to recover and feel like their pre-childbirth selves. 

While you don’t need to be at your pre-baby weight, you should be at a sustainable, stable weight close to it. If you aren’t close enough to your goal weight, you will likely feel unsatisfied with your results.

Wean Your Baby 

Your body undergoes many changes due to the hormonal fluctuations associated with producing milk and feeding a baby. Because of this, you should wait at least 6 months after you’ve stopped breastfeeding. 

Be Certain You Are No Longer Planning to Add to Your Family

As pregnancy can essentially reverse the results of your mommy makeover, you should not consider a mommy makeover unless you are certain you no longer want to have any more pregnancies. 

Arrange for Help After Surgery

Plan your mommy makeover when you have plenty of time you can devote to healing after your combined procedures. You will likely need assistance doing typical everyday tasks, especially if you have small children.

Be sure you have the support and assistance of a trusted partner, family member, or friend to help take care of you during your recovery. 

Reward Yourself 

As wonderful as motherhood is, unwelcome bodily changes shouldn’t make it difficult. Treat yourself with a mommy makeover to help boost your self-image, lessen lower back pain and restore your core strength and confidence. Dr. MacDonald suggests that good candidates should:

  • Be in good overall health
  • Not smoke or be willing to quit before surgery
  • Have realistic expectations and a positive outlook

Choosing Dr. Jeannie MacDonald as Your Mommy Makeover Provider

Dr. Jeannie MacDonald develops individual treatment plans to ensure natural-looking results, making her one of the best mommy makeover providers in Vancouver. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with one of Vancouver’s best mommy makeover providers!